Richard Brookens and Barbara Sloan


Duo DADA is a performance art collaboration between actor/dancer/performance artist Barbara Sloan and World Fusion composer/musician Richard Brookens.

Read our bios - Richard's as a musician / composer, and Barbara's as an actress / dancer.


We are currently using live music and live digital music loops, pre-recorded music, video, dance/movement, and spoken word in live improvisational pieces. Using these mediums Duo DADA has begun work on a piece titled 'Aura' consisting of 8 sections inspired by the 8 Chakras.

Read about the first and second Chakras.


We use the name DADA as a reference to our commitment to finding new formats for our work and to challenging the conception of what art should be. Art as pure entertainment or as commercial fodder for the business of art, while it serves a certain function, is at the other end of the spectrum from our esthetic. We intend to confuse, mystify, upset, and delight our audiences with combinations of visual, oral, and aural experiences.


The Miami Light Project commissioned both the first and second parts (Chakras) of this piece: "Vortex" and "Seed".'Vortex' We've also performed "Heart", a piece base on the fourth Chakra, at The Women's Theater Project's 'Women's Festival' in March of 2003.

Other Duo DADA performances include five performances during the fall of 2001 through the spring of 2002 at the '2nd Sunday's Performing Art Series' at The University Center for the Performing Arts.

In the Photo Gallery see Duo DADA's performance of "Vortex" commissioned by the Miami Light Project for the Here and Now Festival 2002.


We began working as Duo DADA in the fall of 2001. The first section of 'Aura', titled "Vortex" (based on the first Chakra) was commissioned by the Miami Light Project for the "Here and Now Festival 2002" in February 2002.

The second section of 'Aura', titled "Seed" (based on the second Chakra) was commissioned by the Miami Light Project for the "Here and Now Festival 2003" in March 2003.

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