Chakras 1, 2, 3, 4

First Chakra

Earth is the element while Tribal relationships dominate. The color is Red, and there are issues concerning Security and Elimination.

Being "grounded" in terms of connecting to the reality of the present moment, and having an open, adult, responsible, relationship with your family, friends or co-workers are the two issues in our lives that relate to the element Earth, and Tribal relationships. When in doubt in the first Chakra hold to your old habits.

The intensity of the color Red (often seen as a color of warning - stop signs, or the heat of fire), along with issues of security ("Why is it always my car that gets broken into?"), and issues of elimination ("I just can't let go!" to outright constipation), make this Chakra a difficult passage (no pun intended) for most of us.

Second Chakra

Water is the element while relationships we have with other individuals dominate. The color is Orange, and there are issues concerning Creativity, Sexuality, Pro-Creation.

Life on this planet has its beginnings in water so this element has a marked effect throughout the entire being. But its positive or negative impact is governed from this Chakra. Not drinking enough water when it is readily available, or being afraid of the water when it is calm, both affect the entire being but would likely stem from something that we could learn to let go. We hold on to this lack or the fear for a variety of reasons of course. When in doubt in the second Chakra find your feelings and follow your passion.

The sensual, passionate nature of the color Orange ties in with aspects of the person's being regarding the possible combinations of Creativity, Sexuality, and Pro-creation. Discovery of our true nature as multi-faceted beings with these primitive urges is quite a journey. Having a healthy, balanced approach to these three areas can be an incredible experience, but one which requires more than a bit of insight, and vigilance in today's world.

Third Chakra

When in doubt in the third Chakra, act. Do something, shake the boat.

Fourth Chakra