History of DADA

DADA was an art movement begun in 1916 in Zurich, Germany at the Cabaret Voltaire run by German writer Hugo Ball, and in New York City at a gallery named 291 with artists Marcel Duchamp and Picabia. It included painting, sculpture, poetry, literature, and noise-music.

The name referred to a movement of anti-art or non-art. It was the pursuit of art in new, abstract, and often challenging and absurd forms, an expression of the inner spirit of the artist as opposed to the observation of nature. Dadaists rejected the mechanization of the machine world and pursued the natural emotions, the intuitive, and the irrational. At its best it was a return to abstract spirituality in art.

Read our bios - Richard's as a musician/composer, and Barbara's as an actress/dancer, on the About Us page, and in the Photo Gallery see shots of Duo DADA's performance of 'Vortex' and of 'Seed' two pieces commissioned by the Miami Light Project for the Here and Now Festival 2002 and 2003.