Reviews - 'Duo DADA'


"In 'Vortex' Barbara Sloan combined text, dreamlike film and visceral, expressive movement to slowly reveal the story....Richard Brookens' sensitive percussion adds to the ominous sense of devastating emotion. 'Vortex' was intimate enough to seem autobiographical, although we don't know that it is...the impact was powerful.

[Jordan Levin, Miami Herald, Feb 21, 2002]


"Like a converging harmony that sings with the clarity of a Tibetan bell, the flow of energy through the chakras is a musical range from the deepest bass to the highest ringing tone. Sound as metaphysical pain and pleasure, resonating with the vibrations of the body's chakras, become manifest in the works of Richard Brookens.
Richard's work is an exploration into the chakras, with his focus at present on the second chakra - the center of creation and sex, our storehouse of all such desires, experiences and emotional memories, corresponding to the element of water. A performance piece with his wife and fellow yoga teacher Barbara Sloan, an actress and dancer, Richard uses sound to interpret the issues that concern the second chakra. Taped interviews, digital loops, water gourd drums and various woodwind instruments, the piece is meant not as instructional but experiential, touching on and opening us to our own issues of sex and creation through sound."

[John Anderson, Subtropics article]