Enlightened Practice Magazine Columns

by Ramananda Das (Richard Brookens)

March-April '05 - Sound Yoga Column

Jan-Feb '05 - Interview and CD Reviews

  • Interview: Russill Paul speaks about how to use Vedic, Tantric, and Bhakti Mantras
  • CD reviews of Kirtan, The Great Mantra from the Himalayas, and Resound, Meditation Gong, by Harijiwan Richard

December -'04 - South Florida Kirtan Artists

  • Singers of spiritual music: Laura Di Bello, Angela Fischetti, Mohini, Serpentine, Prem Shakti, Jennifer Vasilakos.

Oct-Nov -'04 - 'The Yoga of Sound' by Russill Paul - a review

  • An in depth review of Russill Paul's new book where he connects Shabda (Vedic), Shakti (Tantric), Bhava (Bhakti), and Nada Yogas into a comprehensive approach for the practice of Mantra and sound for Spiritual Enlightenment.

Aug-Sept '04 - Chanting A-U-M

  • Learning a method to send vibrations to the Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Third Eye when chanting OM.

June-July '04 - CD Reviews

  • Shiva Rea's Yoga Sanctuary and Drops of Nectar Yoga CDs

April - May '04 - Bhagavan Das Kirtan Teaching

  • A transcription of a teaching offered by Bhagavan Das at one of his South Florida Kirtans

Feb-March '04 - Upcoming Kirtans, Concerts, Workshops, and Events in South Florida

  • Bhagavan Das returns to South Florida
  • Sacred Music Yoga with Richard Brookens and Barbara Sloan
  • Guru Das Khalsa and Guru Das Singh - Kirtan and Naad Yoga workshop
  • Ma Bhaskarananda (Ma Bha) Sanskrit workshops
  • Gajendra world music concerts
  • Jorge Alfano NADA YOGA / Sacred Sounds workshop
  • Prem Yoga monthly Kirtan

Dec-Jan '04 - Upcoming Events

  • Russill Paul's Concert and Nada Yoga Workshop
  • Durga Das (David Newman) Kirtans and workshop
  • Jorge Alfano Peace Concert
  • CD Reviews: Dharma Moon label - 'Drala - midnight flower' and 'at ease' featuring Bansuri artist Steve Gorn and guitarist David Nichtern

Oct - Nov '03 - Kirtans in South Florida

  • What is Bhakti Yoga?
  • What is a Kirtan?
  • What exactly do you do at a Kirtan?
  • Regular Kirtans held in the South Florida area

Oct - Nov '03 - Article: South Florida's Yogis

  • Yogi Hari
  • Jimmy Barkan
  • Mark Roberts
  • et al