Brief History of the Saxophone

Invented by Adolphe Sax in ?. The Saxophone has been used in marching bands and of course Jazz, but only recently in this century has it been excepted among classical orchestras, composers and musicians. The classical school of saxophone is based on teachings from the "French school" of playing - one of the most famous teachers being Sigeurd Rascher from the Paris Conservatory. Some of the techniques involved to produce the desired tone and control of pitch include a small mouthpiece and a hard reed, along with plenty of lower lip under the reed.

The American school, encompassing classical, pop, and jazz techniques, (recently led by such teachers as Joe Allard, and Joe Viola among others) employs larger bore mouthpieces, softer reeds, and much less lip under the reed, allowing for much more volume, pitch manipulation, and tonal variation.

Hear the Soprano Saxophone on 'Bell Peace' from 'Svadharma', 'Armenia' from 'bamboo dynasty', and Riversticks' 'Ferryman's Release' (Tracks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Hear the Tenor Saxophone on 'Sea Gospel', 'Dharana', and 'Dhyana' from 'Svadharma', and Riversticks' "Ferryman's Release" (Tracks 2 & 4)

Hear the Baritone Saxophone on 'Bop-Ras' from 'Svadharma'