[ Western Flutes ]

Western flutes: (C and Alto )

These transverse metal flutes are made from a silver alloy or sliver plated nickel alloy and have a lip plate and key mechanisms to facilitate a chromatic scale. They have a working range of 3 octaves and generally can project more volume than the bamboo flutes. The C flute (on the top in the photo) is the most commonly played in the flute family. It is a non-transposing instrument with the lowest note being a c or b. The Alto flute (on the bottom in the photo) is pitched in G meaning that when a G is played on the instrument it is transposed up a fourth to a C. The lowest note on the instrument is a C.

Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, and Ian Underwood are some of the players that have helped define the Jazz/Rock school of flute playing.

Hear the Alto Flute on 'Sea Gospel' from 'Svadharma', 'Ablution' from 'bamboo dynasty', and track 12 from 'Riversticks: The Ferryman's Release'.