Yoga / Meditation / Relaxation CD's

Yellow Bell / 'Inner Peace' CD

Inner Peace

Perfect for Yoga class or to listen to and sing along with the Mantras: Loka Samasta Sukhino, and the Gayatri. Featuring Richard Brookens on vocals on his original song Inner Peace (it's up to us).

Featuring many musicians, singers, healers, and Yoga teachers from the South Florida spiritual community and elsewhere. Richard Brookens and Yellow Bell reached out to include many beautiful souls to create this CD of uplifting and soulful music.

Yellow Bell / 'AWAKENING Meditation' CD


Tibetan Bowls and Balinese Gongs with bamboo flutes

Udbhoda (aka Charles Soloway) and Richard Brookens offer their first project together for Meditation and Relaxation: A sublime mixture of suspended sounds from Tibetan Singing Bowls, floating Bamboo Flute lines, and grounding tones from Balinese Gongs that will take you to a peaceful and relaxed inner space. This is a uniquely simple and profoundly cosmic soundscape that will captivate your ear and allow your thoughts to slow down!

The first track, AWAKENING I (30 minutes) offers a soundscape featuring Udbhoda's collection of Ancient Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bells, Tingshas, and Shyang Cymbals along with Richard's Balinese Gongs.

The second track, AWAKENING II (22 minutes) features Richard on Egyptian bamboo flute, Bansuri bamboo flute, and Alto flute with a new grouping of Udbhoda's Ancient Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bells, Tingshas, Shyang Cymbals, and Richard's Balinese Gongs.

Yellow Bell Water Trilogy

Three CDs featuring exotic bamboo flutes from India and China, Clay Pot, Bells, and Water Drums from Africa, and the Berimbao from Brazil.

Combining these instruments with the peaceful soothing sounds of water and nature provides a musical journey to a relaxing and meditative state of mind. Each CD features a different setting with live recordings of natural water sounds.

The first CD is 'Lake Melva Meditation' recorded at Lake Melva, the second CD is 'Rain Trance' and features a tropical rainstorm. The third CD will feature the sounds of the Ocean (Un-named as of yet - any ideas?).

Yellow Bell / 'Lake Melva Meditation' CD

Lake Melva Meditation

...superb meditation/relaxation recording...contains three of the most serene pieces of music...sublimely beautiful...Highly recommended for open-minded ambient fans and those seeking transcendental meditative music. Outstanding!
[ Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire Magazine ].
Yellow Bell / 'Rain Trance' CD

Rain Trance

I have been using this CD in my Yoga classes and have enjoyed a very positive response from my students. I gave CDs of the piece 'Water Bells' (dripping water and soft ringing bells) to quite a few Yoga instructors and they kept asking when the completed CD would be available. 'Water Bells' is particularly suited for deep relaxation.

Yellow Bell Movie Sound Tracks

Yellow Bell / 'The Empty Mind' CD

The Empty Mind

Using tracks from five other Yellow Bell CD's (with one new piece) film maker Jon Braely's documentary film 'The Empty Mind', about the spiritual aspects of the martial arts, won "Best Florida Film" at the 2005 Florida International Film Festival.

Bamboo flutes with didgeridoo, tablas, thumb pianos, Clay Pots, the transparent sound of moving water, and softly ringing bells create a gently moving soundscape with varied moods and textures. If you have yet to experience Yellow Bell's music this would be a great introduction to an emerging catalogue of fine spiritually engaging acoustic music for the discerning ear.
[ Enlightened Practice Magazine, JR Lakini Ehrenfeld ]

Yellow Bell Mantras

In addition to the above, Yellow Bell has recorded 'Sa Ta Na Ma', a Kundalini Meditation CD with two of the most powerful mantras in Kundalini Yoga: 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo' (to "tune in") and 'Sa Ta Na Ma' (meditation for personal change). Includes eleven-minute and thirty-one minute versions of 'Sa Ta Na Ma' meditation each followed by bamboo flute pieces.

Yellow Bell / 'Sa Ta Na Ma' CD

Sa Ta Na Ma

Two of the most powerful mantras in Kundalini Yoga: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (to "tune in") and Sa Ta Na Ma (meditation for personal change). Includes eleven-minute and thirty-one minute versions of Sa Ta Na Ma meditation followed by bamboo flute pieces.