Inner Peace (it's up to us)

[CD Cover]

Perfect for Yoga class or to listen to and sing along with the Mantras: Loka Samasta Sukhino, and the Gayatri. Featuring Richard Brookens on vocals on his original song Inner Peace (it's up to us).

Featuring many musicians, singers, healers, and Yoga teachers from the South Florida spiritual community and elsewhere. Richard Brookens and Yellow Bell reached out to include many beautiful souls to create this CD of uplifting and soulful music.

Singers Michelle Alva, Alfredo Arauz, Jill Burton, Laura DiBello, Billy Mitchum, Helena Redman, Felicia Rose, Jen Rose, David Salih, Prem Shakti, Sapo Paz, Karmen Plasencia, and Shari Wosk all came to add their voices. Also featuring Tuvan throat singing by Jaret Brooks, David Jesse Kennet, Aaron Erickson.

Musicians Randy Bernsen on Guitar, Rajesh Bhandari on Tablas, Luis Garcia on Violin, Scott Marischen on Harp, Ricky Martinez on Saw and Martha Spangler on Double Bass also add their unique talents.

Cover art and design and front cover photo (Om Mani Padme Hum) by Erix Guru Lieux. See more of his photography and digital artwork at

I'm so grateful for all the contributions made by the people on this CD. The Yellow Bell Ensemble has been growing into a uniquely special experience for us all!

Read about the musicians and instrumentation, translations of the mantras, et al.

Peace Prayer MP3
Gayatri ChoraleMP3
Inner Peace (it's up to us)MP3
Tribal DanceMP3
Loka Samasta Sukhino BhavantuMP3
Sei Hei KiMP3

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