Yellow Bell Recording Studio

Whether you are planning a full CD project or just need a high quality sample or two for your website I can help you accomplish your goals with a finished product that will stand up to other recordings on the market. I have been working in recording studios as a player and an engineer for 40 years and can advise you and support you musically through the whole process from conception to finished product.

I've had the great pleasure to work on some wonderful spiritually attuned recording projects with some well known people in the South Florida community. These projects include Meditations, Mantras, Breath Work, soundtracks for movies, and purely musical recordings. Below are testimonials and samples from projects recorded at Yellow Bell Recording Studio. There are also some samples below from my Yellow Bell CD recordings.

Julie Murphy, ‘CALM - Guided Relaxation - Yoga Nidra with Julie’

It was a joy to work with Richard on this Yoga Nidra album - not only because of his musical talent and sound engineering skills, but also because he is connected to the nuances and subtleties of what it takes to produce a truly beautiful guided relaxation. He was the best combination of professional, reliable and trustworthy, combined with kind and patient ... and it also helped that he had a great sense of humor, especially when he painstakingly took the time and effort until everything sounded just right. People who have bought the album keep telling me how much they enjoy the entire experience, from the backdrop of Richard’s gorgeous music, to the professional delivery of this product. I look forward to many more recording hours with Richard.
I am blown away by how much positive feedback I've received about our Yoga Nidra CD! So many wonderful, personal stories about how much people are enjoying it. Makes me SO happy. Several people have also specifically commented on how professional the entire CD is - they recognize how much work went into it and that's good praise for all the work we did together, your musicianship, and your recording, engineering and mastering skills. Thank you, again.

- Julie Murphy

Yoga initially helped Julie reduce stress during her demanding, high-tech career, and soon became much more — a blueprint for how to live a healthier, happier life through movement, mindfulness, and meditation. She is now a senior yoga teacher whose experience includes studies in India, where she gained a deeper understanding of yoga as a way of life. Her most humbling yoga Zing! is guiding Yoga Nidra and seeing the powerful effects of this ancient practice. When she’s not leading yoga retreats or immersed in yoga, writing and photography, you may find her lying on the couch; sipping fermented grape juice, eating chocolate and watching Dancing With The Stars (true confession).

Connect with Julie on her blog  and Instagram @yogaressa.

Quiet the restless mind, reduce stress and experience improved sleep through the practice of Yoga Nidra. Julie’s soothing voice transports you through this guided relaxation, as you listen to verbal cues and prepare your subconscious mind to receive and accept positive affirmations.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful and ancient system of relaxation and self-discovery that can have a permanent, positive impact on your life; especially when it is practiced regularly. This album guides you through the Yoga Nidra sequence, against an exquisite backdrop of peaceful music from Richard Brookens. Includes breathing and visualization techniques, as well as positive statements for personal transformation. Feel empowered to make your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Yoga Nidra is the state in between being asleep and awake, experiencing a deep relaxation of the body, while the mind remains alert and yet calm. In this place of tranquil awareness, positive affirmations are used for personal transformation.

— Julie @yogaressa.

You can listen to samples of Julie Murphy’s CD ‘Calm – Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra with Julie’ featuring Julie Murphy leading the meditation, and Richard Brookens playing Native American Indian Flute, Bansuri Flute, Ting Shas, Chimes and Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Ram-Giri Braun, 'Living with an Open Heart'

I am very happy with the quality of the CD Richard helped me produce. He had the fine-tuned sensitivity to get the right mix of Krishna Das' kirtan and the voice-over of my guided meditation. Another studio had not been able to get it right. Recordings that are meant to touch the heart require a special attunement and Richard had it.

Ram-Giri Braun

Ram-Giri holds a MA and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. He is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist. In the early 70's Ram-Giri traveled to India where he became a direct student of the legendary Neem Karoli Baba– Maharaji. He also spent time in Europe, where he became a personal student of the great Tibetan leader H.H. the 16th Karmapa. Later he was a founding member of Kashi Ashram in Florida, under the teachings of Ma Jaya, where he continued his very focused spiritual practice for 24 years. Ram-Giri has worked closely with one of his core teachers, Byron Katie, helping people around the world gain peace of mind with The Work of Byron Katie. He has also been closely involved with Ram Das and Krishna Das (both internationally acclaimed leaders in the field of Bhakti Yoga and consciousness).

People and situations do not cause you pain. Your thoughts and emotions about them do. You can change those reactions. This is the key to freedom. Enriching you enriches me. That is the nature of love.

- Ram-Giri

Here's a sample of Ram-Giri Braun's CD 'Living with an Open Heart', featuring a live Kirtan previously recorded by Krishna Das with final production and recording done at Yellow Bell Studio. That's me on bamboo flute at the beginning! Ram-Giri brought the Kirtan by Krishna Das in to my studio and we worked on getting the mix of his vocals over the Kirtan at the right level. It was an honor to work on this CD. Highly recommended!

Ram-Giri - 'Living with an Open Heart'


Gilda Pianelli, CEO of Ambassador Pictures Inc.

Richard Brookens has been the Musical Director of Ambassador Pictures, Inc., since its inception in 2004. For the past 8 years Richard has provided musical scores for the full length films 'She' and 'The Last Minute', and the short film 'The Park'. Now in pre-production is 'The Window'. His artistry is sublime and our productions are enhanced to a zenith with his beautiful music.

- Gilda Pianelli

Ambassador Pictures is an independent digital film production company. Our mission is to develop, package and produce high quality digital film projects for the mainstream and art house markets. We also package demo reels for actors and other performers. We strive to honor our name with progressive business practices, while devoting profits to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide.

It has been such a pleasure working with Gilda and her staff on the music for her films. She is the ultimate example of an artist with a unique vision and always strives for the perfect way to get the story across with the emotional content intact. Working with her has been such a great adventure! She always offers new perspectives and ideas that have helped me grow as an artist. Here is a clip from the film 'She' and a sound sample of a song we did for it.

A sound sample from the film 'She'



Richard took on the almost impossible - mixing a live studio recording of up to six players at once, with limited isolation. There was bleed over on almost every mic. The Acoustic Bass had a mic and direct box, there was a live amp for the electronic musician, and we had wind instruments (Trumpet and Saxes, Alto Flute) along with the Grand Piano all on mics that had to be isolated more in the mix. The music was completely improvised, so we couldn't plan it any better. He painstakingly raised and lowered levels throughout, tweaked frequencies, and we ended up with a fabulous mix of the project, one of which we are all quite proud. Sounds and colors were brought out, which weren't even present on the reference CD. KUDOS to Richard and YellowBell Recording Studio!

- Jeff Abbott, SugaWack.

  • Richard Brookens: alto flute, alto/bari sax, bass clarinet, tibetan bowl, whirly tube
  • John D. Beers III: tpt/flugelhorn, voice and elec effects, perc
  • Marc Puricelli: piano, melodica
  • Lucy Bonk: electronics
  • David Tomasello: bass
  • Jeff Abbott: drums, aluminum tube xylophone

Released 31 July 2013


Russell Feingold, 'Deep Relaxation: Guided Meditation'

I had the honor to work with Richard on two projects, 1st adding some didgeridoo textures to his intoxicating Lake Melva Meditations CD, and 2nd he exquisitely supported my Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation from concept to creation.
Richard's genius isn't just limited to his adept engineering skills or even stellar musicianship, but truly shines through in his ear for artistry, excellence and purpose in his creations. His dedication to truly serving the transformational power that music has to offer stems from his life long connection to the practice of Yoga and as a teacher of Asana and Meditation, as well as to his life as a professional musician. This potent combination allowed us to connect in the studio to a depth of magic that is only possible when purity of intent, love and devotion to something far greater than ourselves and far more meaningful than "just playing music" alchemize to birth something truly significant, original and if I dare say Divine!
Richard is a rare gift to the music industry and to humanity itself. He embodies the true heart and soul of music and is a living example, a "living song" or even a living prayer if you will of what is possible when music touches your heart and the depths of your soul.

- Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold and I did this project together quite a while ago. He plays Didgeridoo on the CD in addition to speaking the meditations. I played bamboo flute and engineered the project. As Russell says on the CD cover: "It was created to deliver profound results for those who desire to relax effortlessly, quiet the mind and even fall asleep with the greatest of ease!". Russell also played Didgeridoo on my Yellow Bell CD 'Lake Melva Meditation'. Currentlly living in LA, he speaks at self-improvement and motivational seminars and leads meditations.

Russell Feingold, 'Deep Relaxation: Guided Meditation'

Henry Lepler

Henry Lepler, Recording for Website Promo

It has been a pleasure working with Richard recording sound clips for my website.  I especially appreciate his experience and awareness of the healing and transformative power of sound vibration which is an important focus of mine. He is very helpful and supportive in the process, and delivers a high quality product. I highly recommend him and look forward to future recording projects with him.

- Henry Lepler

Henry Lepler is a teacher, workshop leader, and musician with a deep interest in the healing power of sound and voice. Henry studied with Fabien Maman at Tama-Do ('The Way of the Soul'), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement® . He also studied with sound healers Tom Kenyon, Sarah Benson, and Lisa Rafel. Henry leads sound circles for connecting with the sacred in each of us, using the voice as an instrument of peace, healing, and transformation.

Our voices are the breath flowing through our beings that blesses us with the gift of life!”

- Henry Lepler

Here's a sample of Henry Lepler's recording done at Yellow Bell Studio. It's all Henry on vocals and bowls!

Henry Lepler - 'Toning'


Sula de Paula, 'Circular Breathing and Words of Wisdom'

Working with Richard Brookens was a pleasure! He produced my breathwork CD with utmost professionalism and talent!

-Sula de Paula

Here's a sample of 'Circular Breathing and Words of Wisdom'. Sula brought in the background music and we recorded the breath and her spoken words. I've taken Sula's breathwork class and had a profound healing experience, releasing grief that had been stored away for years. The change that I felt was really amazing. Thank you Sula!

Sula de Paula's CD 'Circular Breathing and Words of Wisdom' CD


Rina Lichtinger and Tiya Levy, 'A Children's Chakra Journey – Meditation and Mantras'

Richard has has a lot of experience as a musician and yogi and has the ability to combine many beautiful sound effects with his gifted playing on tablas, and flutes, helping you to meet your goals and to make your project a success. 'A Children's Chakra Journey - Meditation and Mantras' CD is a combination of Richard's engineering expertise and musicianship and our creativity. Thanks Richard for all your help and for singing Om as a meditative vibration.

- Yogini Rina Lichtinger, Ct. Yoga teacher.

We recorded everything at Yellow Bell studios except one cut by Ash Ruiz. There were a number of different cuts involving some musical accompaniment by me on Synth, Gongs, vocals, Chimes, Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) and Tablas. Rina and her daughter sang a Mantra, and Tiya and Rina spoke the Meditation heard here. We also used a number of samples for sound effects during the Meditation: horses hoofs, fire, rippling water, and ocean waves.

A Children's Chakra Journey – Meditation and Mantras

Juliano Echeverri

Juliano Echeverri, 'Open Heart Meditation', Recording for Website Promo

Richard Brookens was very professional and helped me a lot with both spanish and english versions of my 'OPEN HEART MEDITATION' tracks. HE used his many talents to produce the background music, mix and record the tracks well so the meditation is truly a heart opener!

- Juliano Echeverri

I met Juliano when I played for one of his 'Holistic Circle' Reiki healing events in Miami. He also leads spiritually based retreats in Bali including Yoga and meditation. In addition, he has a clothing line called 'Funky Yoga'.

Here's a sample of Juliano Echeverri's 'Open Heart Meditation' produced at Yellow Bell Studio. I recorded the Synth, and Harp tracks. I worked with Juliano to help him get the best sound on both his English and Spanish vocal tracks and we added the sounds of the ocean, birds and crickets.

Juliano Echeverri's 'Open Heart Meditation'

Instruments Available at Yellow Bell Studio

In addition to acoustic woodwind instruments such as bamboo flutes, Native American flutes, western metal flutes (C and G Alto), Bass Clarinet, Bb Soprano Clarinet, all the saxes (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone), I play some unique percussion instruments as well: Tablas, Clay pots, Cajon, Baliphone, and other assorted percussion instruments, and have a unique collection of 4 Balinese gongs, Indian Noah bells, Chinese cymbals. I also have a synthesizer keyboard and thousands of cosmic and other sounds to choose from in my studio.

Here are some samples (from some of my own Yellow Bell CD's) of the acoustic instruments I play that could be on your CD.

Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) on 'Botswana Waltz', a cut from my Yellow Bell CD called 'bamboo dynasty'.

Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute) with Balinese Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls from my CD with Charles Soloway 'Awakening'.

Egyptian Bamboo Flute on 'Lake Melva Meditation' from my Yellow Bell CD 'Lake Melva Meditation', now available on iTunes.

Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) and Thumb Piano on 'Water Drums', a cut from my Yellow Bell CD called 'Rain Trance'. Enjoy!

Vocals on 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo' from my Yellow Bell CD called 'Sa Ta Na Ma'.