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On 'Svadharma', Dizi Gigue uses a melody reminiscent of an Irish Gigue performed on Chinese bamboo flute (Dizi) and violin, a percussion style from India on Tablas, with a Jazz vocal scat solo, played in a time signature of 14/4, 'Bell Peace' uses Didgeridoo (from Australia), Soprano Saxophone, Sitar Bass, and Grand Piano with Acoustic Bass and two drums sets, 'Dharana' uses a solo bansuri (bamboo flute from India), and '"Five"' features the Dizi with Bata (Afro Cuban drums).

These well-recorded, atmospheric world beat grooves are sure to appeal to listeners who like the notion of raga-hard bop hybrids like 'Bop-Ras' and 'Dharana' or the fusion of Celtic and Chinese motifs in 'Dizi Gigue'
[ David Lewis, Cadence Magazine ]

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Ong Namo Guru Dev NamoMP3
Bell PeaceMP3
Dizi GigueMP3
Sea GospelMP3
Nile EyesMP3

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