Part of the Aerophone classification of instruments, the sound is produced by the introduction of air through a length of tubing. All the flutes on my recordings are held horizontally and are therefore referred to as transverse flutes.


Bamboo flutes from India.


Bamboo flutes from China.


Bamboo flutes possibly from Egypt.

Western flutes

(C and Alto) silver plated or silver alloy metal transverse flutes with a range of 3 octaves. Used in orchestral, jazz and pop music worldwide.


(Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone) Members of the woodwind family combining a metal body (usually a brass alloy) with a cane reed attached to a mouthpiece which produces the sound.


(Bb Soprano and Bb Bass) made with wooden bodies (others have synthetic or plastic bodies) and employing a cane reed similar to the saxophones.


Instrument from Australia played by the native people (Aborigines) -traditionally made of a hollowed out piece of wood. The sound is produced by buzzing the lips to produce a drone effect and singing/shouting intermittently to vary the sound.