Reviews of Yellow Bell CD's


Yellow Bell / 'Svadharma' CD
well-recorded, atmospheric world beat grooves are sure to appeal to listeners
[David Lewis, Cadence Magazine]

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bamboo dynasty

Yellow Bell / 'bamboo dynasty' CD
a cohesive soundscape that blends primal instincts and futuristic visions.
[Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire Magazine.]

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Riversticks / 'Ferryman's Release CD'
deep, dark drumming, some very modern saxophone and some very ancient bamboo flute ...worldbeat meets modern jazz
[Bob Weinberg, City Link, Ft Lauderdale, FL]

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Lake Melva Meditation

Yellow Bell / 'Lake Melva Meditation' CD
a rich listening experience and a superlative album. Outstanding!"
[Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire Magazine, New Instrumental Music and Interviews.]

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Rain Trance

Yellow Bell / 'Rain Trance' CD
a beautifully transparent soundscape. ...a piece of music so serene and peaceful that it immediately takes you into a meditative space. ... a perfect compliment to any yoga practice
[Jaime Ehrenfeld, Feb/March, 2004 Enlightened Practice Magazine]

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Above the interplay of ... melodic percussion instruments the Chinese bamboo flute called the Dizi weaves a sinuous melody... perfect for relaxation, meditation, and Yoga.
[Regina Rodriguez, Jornal Olho de Aguia]

Reviews of Yellow Bell CDs used in Theatrical Productions

Displaced at Altered Stages, 212 W 29th St., NY, NY.

The original music, by Richard Brookens... is powerful...
[Arlene McKanic, Greenwich Village Gazette]

Waiting For Godot at Sol Theatre, Ft Lauderdale, FL

The haunting music score by Richard Brookens adds an unsettling sense of mystery."
[Ronald Mangravite, Miami New Times]