Musicians of Yellow Bell

The concept for the group Yellow Bell came from a Chinese legend dating back to approximately 3000 B.C. This World Fusion group has been performing concerts in the South Florida area since 1998. Below are the world-class musicians who have recorded on Yellow Bell CD's and links to free sound samples of their work.

Richard Brookens

Richard is an arranger/composer and multi-instrumentalist performing on saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone), flutes (C and Alto), and clarinets (Bb and Bass), Tabla drums (from India), Udu (Clay Pots), Native American Indian Flutes, and bamboo flutes from India (Bansuri) and China (Dizi).

During his musical career Richard has enjoyed studying and working in many different musical styles and settings: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Musical Theater, Flamenco, Indian, Japanese, and World Fusion. All of these have influenced his approach to composition and improvisation in his recordings and live performances with his World Fusion group Yellow Bell.

While in South Florida he has worked with Bailles Ferrer, a South Florida based Flamenco dance company, guitarist Randy Bernsen, (Jazz Fusion), and Duo DADA, an improvisatory dance/music performance art group. He has also been principal Saxophonist with the Palm Beach Pops. In addition to these groups Richard freelances with many other performing groups, including orchestras at Actor's Playhouse, New Vista Theater, Florida Atlantic University, The Broward Performing Arts Center, and The Kravis Performing Arts Center.

He has also performed Kirtans (devotional call and response gatherings), and Yoga workshops on Tablas, Clay Pot, Soprano Saxophone, and Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) with Bhagavan Das and David Newman (most recently at Karmapalooza 2005), or Russill Paul, Wynne Paris, Jorge Alfano, Guru Das Singh, Guru Das Khalsa, Milk Baba, Sri VasuDeva, Krishna Devi, Ma Bha, Swami Srinivasananda, and local Kirtan artists like Laura DiBello, Mohini, Serpentine, Prem Shakti, and Jennifer Vasilakos. He has played with these artists at Satsangs or Kirtans held at South Florida Yoga studios like Yoga Warehouse, Something Yoga, Prem Yoga, Prana Yoga, Synergy Yoga, and Yoga Connection.

Richard has allowed music from his CDs to be used in a documentary film about the spiritual aspects of Judo, Karate, Tai-Kwan-Do, and Tai-Chi, titled 'The Empty Mind' produced by Jon Braely of Thin Media, Inc. in Miami Beach, FL. This film has footage and interviews never seen until now from the Shao-lin and Wu-Dang Temples in China in addition to the other major schools of martial arts in China and Japan. The Empty Mind won "Best Florida Film" in the 2004 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Music from his CDs has also been used in a production of Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' by Robert Hooker at Sol Theatre in Ft Lauderdale.

Richard has also composed music for a short film about the homeless called "The Park", and been the musical supervisor for another short film titled 'The Last Minute' both produced by Gilda Pianelli and Chasta Natour of Rev Films. His is the musical director and composer for the 2007 film "She", produced by Gilda Pianelli for Ambassodor Films. He also helped to re-orchestrate and rearrange music for a show about Nefertiti by Rick Gore, ChrisTopher Gore, and David Spangler. In July of 2001 music from his CDs was featured in a play about refugee women from around the world called "Displaced" at Altered Stages, 212 W 29th St., NY, NY.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music where he majored in composition and studied with Joe Viola, Richard studied briefly with Joe Allard and received a National Endowment for the Arts grant to study Jazz Improvisation with Charles Banacos. He later began his studies on Bansuri and Tabla at the Ali Akbar College of Indian Music in San Rafael, California.

In addition to the fine musicians above and on the Yellow Bell CDs, he has performed with: The Artie Shaw Orchestra, Cab Calloway, trumpeter Nat Adderly, pianist James Williams, Buddy Greco, Roy Clark, Boots Randolph, Tiny Tim, Clark Terry, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Hal Linden, Mary Street Dance Co., Lucie Arnaz, Jimmie Rosselli, Shirley Jones, Tony Orlando, and has worked in many recording studios as a player and arranger on records and commercials.

Born in Wichita, Kansas and growing up in upstate New York and the Washington, DC area, Richard now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He is also certified in Sivananda and Kundalini Yoga and teaches Yoga in the South Florida area at Barry University in Miami Shores, Yoga Connection in Plantation, The Hillsboro Club in Deerfield Beach, community centers in Pompano Beach, and Golds Gyms in Pompano Beach and Ft Lauderdale.


Amit Chatterjee

( Sitar & Vocals )
'Yellow Bell', 'Svadharma' - Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Dharana, Bar-Bar-A
'Yellow Bell', 'Sa Ta Na Ma' - Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Amit sang so beautifully on 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo' that both the recording engineer (Ray Lyon) and myself got goose bumps during the session. On the other two cuts he overdubbed the Sitar parts in keys that the Sitar is not usually in. Additionally, he managed to fit into the ensemble sound of these two pieces as if he had been at the original session. He gave this project that something special that only comes from the heart. In fact he told me his heart Chakra felt very open after the session.

Amit Chatterjee is a guitarist, singer, sitarist and composer who combines his heritage in Hindusthani (North Indian) music with European, jazz and popular music. He has recorded and performed extensively with artists such as Joe Zawinul (1993-1997), Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, Badal Roy, Robert Thomas, Jr., Krishna Das, Sting, Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, Vicki Richards, David Liebman, Paul Winter and Paul Halley. Among his participation in many recordings are Zawinul's symphonic work "Stories of the Danube" on Phillips Classics and the grammy-nominated "My People". His work as player and singer has received extensive critical acclaim from musicians and everyday listeners alike.

He has also produced several albums of "global-fusion" music for artists such as virtuoso violinist Vicki Richards whose last recording, "Parting the Waters" (co-produced by Mr. Chatterjee), was recognized by Billboard as " of the best progressive albums of the decade...."   

Russell Feingold

( Didgeridoo )
'Yellow Bell', 'Lake Melva Meditation' - 'Rainforest Cave'

Russell and I performed 'Rainforest Cave' without rehearsal. Although the piece is about a half hour we did not need to sTop or overdub to fix anything. We did sTop because I needed a physical break - my hands were going numb! This cut is long! When you hear it you might understand how that could happen - I wasn't moving my fingers very often because I wanted to sustain notes for long phrases. Russell is so "tuned in" and was so beautiful to work with on this project. Sorry you moved to California, Russell.

Russell Feingold is a Master Intuitive, inspirational speaker and workshop leader. He integrates his highly refined intuitive abilities and years of training in both traditional and ancient healing arts to facilitate a dynamic experience of liberation and accelerated spiritual growth. Through his seminars and individual healing sessions he supports individuals in embracing their true potential with a deep sense of inner peace and clarity. His clairvoyant diagnostic abilities enable him to assist others in identifying and releasing core issues and belief systems to restore balance, harmony and joy in their lives. Feingold empowers others to live their authentic truth. He also utilizes indigenous instruments, including didgeridoo and Native American flute, in his healing work and performs inspirational and healing music.

Russell Feingold is available for intuitive reading / healings in person or via phone. He can be contacted on Facebook.


Michael Moses

( Percussion, Ocarina, Vibraphone )
'Yellow Bell', 'Svadharma' - 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo', ' "Five" ', 'Bar-Bar-A'
'Riversticks', 'The Ferryman's Release' - All cuts.

Michael is such a joy to work with in the studio. He's very intuitive, incredibly creative and versatile, and always right on with his playing. For "Five" I asked him what time signature he'd like to try for the piece and he suggested something in five. It worked fine and we called it that long enough that the name stuck. I look forward to a long relationship with you Michael.

Moses' dedication to the practice of sound, rhythm, and language has made him an artist in demand in the fields of Recording, Performance, and Education. Moses' recording credits include varied percussion contributions on five internationally released CD's.

His work can be heard on Pursuit of Happiness, and Pagan Saints with Peter Kater, as well as Lifeblood with Iroquois singer/songwriter; Joanne Shenandoah.

Additional credits include work on the soundtracks for two television series aired on The Discovery Channel: How The West Was Lost [1995], and The Eco - Challenge; along with the title music for the PBS Series -Mythos [1997]. Founding member of Spideroot Theater; an innovative theater company based in Ithaca, NY [1986 - 1990] in collaboration with Homer Smith @Art Matrix Studios - one of the first fractal research labs in the country.

Mainstream theater includes work with Melba Moore, and, currently, with Ben Vereen. Composed and performed the music for the closing ceremony of Harmonia Mundi, a week long celebration in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize announcement For H.H. The Dalai Lama of Tibet [1989].

Moses' skills as a percussionist have kept him in demand as an accompanist for some of the major dance companies and universities in the country; including Bill T. Jones, Pilobolus, Jose' Limon, as well as non-western traditions and forms of dance.

His music has supported master classes as well as performances for close to twenty years, Including over twelve years in residence with The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York State. As an educator, Moses is currently working on a book titled Exploring the Rivers of Time, An exploration of the practice of sound, rhythm, and language silence and breath. An exploration of Life and Art - at the crossroads of Rhythm, Culture, and Relationship. He was recently invited to contribute an article exploring the relationship between sound, rhythm, and healingto the 1999 Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine.

Moses is currently the facilitator of a unique educational program based on the works of Rivers of Time, as well as founding and directing a recording and performance ensemble of the same name. Rivers of Time performs and teaches nationally, and continues to reach out to audiences and students the wide world over.


Abbey Rader

( Drum Set, Percussion )
'Yellow Bell', 'Svadharma' - 'Nile Eyes'
'Riversticks', 'The Ferryman's Release' - All cuts.

Abbey is incredibly gifted and inspiring to work with. His explorations of free rhythm are so powerful as to take other players places they never knew of before. He allowed me to remix and edit 'Nile Eyes' for 'Svadharma' as a favor. It was a cut I sort of had the idea for when we recorded with his group 'Right Time'.

Having been a resident of the Lower East Side in the sixties, he was an active member of the loft improv scene of the late sixties and early seventies.

Mr. Rader moved to Europe in the late seventies where he performed with John Handy and Dr L. Subramaniam in quartet, as well as in trio with John, and various bassists. Mr. Rader spent 5 years in the Gunter Hampel big band often including Jeanne Lee and Marion Brown as well as in the Hampel trio; Mr. Rader performed with Mal Waldron in quartet and trio, and had his own band the "Right Time", which had Marc Levin, George Bishop, Leonard Jones, Marty Cook, Ken Simon and other guests. Most recently Mr. Rader is working and recording with Billy Bang, Ed Schuller and Frank Lowe as well as David Liebman.

Abbey recorded and performed with:
Billy Bang, Ed Schuller, Gunter Schwarz, David Liebman, Philip Gelb, Michael Moses Tirsch, John McMinn, Luc Houtkamp, Keshavan Maslak, George Bishop, Mal Waldron, Dr. L. Subramaniam, John Handy, Joe Gallivan, Gunter Hampel, Marion Brown, Laurindo Almeida, Herman Foster, Peck Morrison, Ron McClure, Mack Goldsbury, Bob Lenox, Roy Cumming, Marty Cook, Leonard Jones, Jeanne Lee, Peter Ponzol, Marc Levin, Sigi Busch, David Wertman, Leszek Zadlo, Joerg Widmoser, Chris Beier, Rainer Glas, Ken Simon, Kim Mikkelson, Cameron Brown, Joe Zeytoonian, and many others.


Nicole Yarling

( Violin, Vocals )
'Yellow Bell', 'Svadharma' - 'Dizi Gigue'

Nicole's solo scat vocal on 'Dizi Gigue' is so incredible. She drew on her Jazz and Blues influences. The effect of her voice over the two sets of Tablas in 14/4 is a favorite moment on 'Svadharma' for me, and she is definitely one of my favorite people. Her violin also blended perfectly with the Chinese Dizi flute. We worked together infrequently until we had the chance to 'hang' together in San Miguel de Allende for about a week when we were there with guitarist Randy Bernsen's group for a Jazz festival. What a great lady with a great talent. Nicky, I miss your big smile and laugh!

According to the Miami Sun-Sentinel, "every musical hat fits Nicole Yarling". For more than a decade, she has been a part of South Florida's musical world as a singer and violinist, working in jazz, rock, r&b, experimental music, and a few other styles that defy description. Nicole's musical excursions have brought about stints with Dizzy Gillespie, and three years on tour as a featured soloist with Jimmy Buffett (1991-94). She also participated on Buffet's platinum-selling CD "Fruitcakes" (MCA), and then went on to do 8 worldwide tours with her own project, Little Nicky and the Slicks.

The late great vocal legend Joe Williams "discovered" Nicole through a series of events, and adopted her as his very own project. "Joe Williams Presents Nicole Yarling at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild" was born as a result her undeniable charisma. "Joe Williams Presents..." was to be Joe's final recording. Sadly, Joe passed away before he could see the actual release of his final work of art.   


Joe Zeytoonian

( Percussion, Oud and Vocals )
'Yellow Bell', 'Svadharma' - 'Bell Peace', 'Dharana', 'Nile Eyes'
'Yellow Bell', 'bamboo dynasty' - 'Botswana Waltz', 'Bamboo'.

Joe was very influential when I began to open up to World Music. Trying to play his tunes in odd time signatures led me to the musical experiments that became 'bamboo dynasty'- the first Yellow Bell CD. Joe's musicianship adds a unique aspect to both Yellow Bell recordings above. His vocals and Oud on 'Nile Eyes' was the perfect counterpoint to the Soprano and Tenor saxophones (I played both at the same time!). He is such a great musician and a joy to work with. Thanks for your patience, Joe.

Joe performs on Oud, Cumbus (Middle Eastern fretless stringed instruments), Darbuka (hour glass shaped hand drum), Riqq (classical tambourine), Frame drums, Ney (Eastern flute), and vocals. He has performed in Florida with Bailes Ferrer, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, Rosita Segovia Baile Espanol, Mary Street Dance Theater, and Harmonic Motion. He has also performed in New York at the Riverside Theater, TOMI Theater, and Town Hall, in Greece at the Festival of Greek Music from the Diaspora in Salonika and throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Some of the musicians he has performed with include Abbey Rader, Dave Liebman, Kenny Millions, Satoshi Takeishi, Tommy Lee (FL), Richard Brookens, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, O. Faruk Tekbilek, Gary Kelly, Bobby Thomas, Jr., Myriam Eli, and Taksim Band.

Awards he has received include the 2000 Florida Folk Heritage Award; two individual artist fellowships ('89 - '90, '95 - '96 ); New Forms Florida Grant, National Endowment for the Arts ('94); Artistic Achievment Award ('95), Broward Cultural Affairs Council; and Broward Cultural Affairs Council and Florida Dept. of State mini-grants for Harmonic Motion.

Recordings he is on include, Friendship, Gypsy Fever, Casting Nine, Ararat Maiden, Southern Arrival, Rom-Anadolu Session, Danse Orientale Project, Full Circle, Cafe Makam, Whispers of Ellis Island, and for Sony Music/Estafan Enterprises, Gloria Estefan's Destiny, Shakira's Ojos Asi (Donde estan los ladrones).


Barbara Sloan

( Actress / Dancer, Performance Artist )

Combining her work in dance and acting in a non-traditional improvisatory setting has been Barbara's leading interest for several years. Both her careers in theater and dance have afforded her a fertile base for extending her art.

As an actress she has been nominated for five Carbonell Awards for her work as Vivian Bearing in Wit, Ruth in The Book of Ruth, both at New Theater, Anna in Burn This, Martha in Strange Snow, both at Gable Stage, and Lil in Last Summer in Blue Fish Cove at New River Repertory Theatre.

In addition, Barbara directed her own modern dance companies, and was a member of Mary Street Dance Theater for several years. Barbara also teaches physical theatre, dance and yoga at the University Center for the Performing Arts where she has been co-owner/director since 1985.