[ Djembe ]


The Djembe's shape comes from the East but the drum's origins are in Guinea, Africa. The music of the Djembe originated primarily in Guinea, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast. Using a goatskin drumhead this drum also employs a tensioning system with string to tune the drum. The shape of the drum allows a higher degree of compression in the sound, allowing a deep bass tone with high overtones. This drum also has enormous volume. In acoustic situations it can easily overshadow other percussion instruments. Usually used with groups of other Djembes and bells. As it is traditionally used in West African music certain rhythmic patterns correspond to letters, and skilled players can combine these into a rhythmic pattern to call a dancers name, inviting her to dance. Popular in recent modern times in the West for drum circles, it is available in fiberglass with iron fastenings to tune the head. The picture shows percussionist Zeva with her Djembe strapped around her waist.

Hear the Djembe on 'Botswana Waltz' from 'bamboo dynasty' .