[ Kenyan Shekere ]


The Shekere is a hollow gourd covered with either beads, seeds, or wood chips that are connected by a net of string. The instrument is shaken and struck with the hands, creating a wide variety of subtle sounds.

Seed Shekere

This percussion instrument is used in the music of many countries. In Cuba, the musical style known as Guiro, derived from the Yorubas of Nigeria, is played on three Shekeres of different sizes and pitch. The Shekere is also used in the music of Africa and Brazil. This instrument is known as "Axaste" in Ghana and has a rounder shape with a widely braided set of seeds or nuts. It is hung from the neck and struck with the hands. In Brazil it is called "Xeque Bum" and the net is open at the end. Modern Shekeres are made of plastic and often use glass beads.

Hear the Shekere on 'Bell Peace' from 'Svadharma'.