Egyptian bamboo flute

Transverse bamboo flute with unusual spacing of finger holes resulting in a scale foreign to the Western ear. It has a dark burnt-brown finish to it. The size of the finger holes are very different than the Bansuri and Dizi. Some are larger and some smaller. Consequently some notes speak well and some feel a little stuffy. My particular flute plays a little flat to standard pitch. In any case, among friends and associates it is one of the most popular flutes I play because of the beautiful tone these features give it.

I actually can't be sure of the origin of this flute. While not intending to mislead anyone I do have my doubts as to whether this flute came from Egypt or is even modeled after any traditional Egyptian flute. egyptian fluteIt is a one of a kind flute bought on a whim on a magical evening after an incredible solo concert by my friend and vocalist on "Svadharma", Jill Burton. I have never seen another flute like it and have never seen Jill again either (she was last seen in Taos). I call it "Egyptian" because that was what was on the tag when I bought it. I would not be surprised if it was made in the USA and labeled "Egyptian" because of the exotic tone and scale it possesses. The complete range of the scale being C#, D, E, F, A, B, C, C#, D, E, F, A, B, C, with a false fingering available for a low G#.

Hear the Egyptian bamboo flute on 'Bar-Bar-A' from 'Svadharma', 'Lake Melva' from 'Lake Melva Meditation', 'Segatanieras' from 'bamboo dynasty', 'Egyptian' from 'Sa Ta Na Ma', and track 13 from 'Riversticks: The Ferryman's Release'.